Our Approach
We strive for balance in our wines so they go well with food as well as tasting good all by themselves. What does balance mean? We seek good body without excessive alcohol. Wines that have enough acidity to be refreshing and long lasting yet are not overly tart or harsh. Wines with mouth-filling flavor without being overwhelming fruit-bombs. Ones in which you can taste the nuances of the vineyard and the vintage. This goal sets our winemaking style. We have our grapes picked a bit earlier than what has been the "bigger-is-better" California style so they are ripe but not over-ripe. This avoids excessive alcohol and preserves vineyard character, which is often lost at high ripeness. We ferment and age vineyards separately, to the extent we can, using multiple yeasts and some indigenous yeast to enhance complexity. Handling is minimized to preserve flavor, nose and nuance. During barrel aging, we seek to actively leave them alone - monitoring and testing to avoid problems that would lead to additional processing. Our wines are usually neither filtered nor fined.

We are big fans of blending to add character and nuance to our wines. Through careful blending trials we often find that particular blends of our wines are better than either wine separately. With each of our wines we do blending trials with a panel of tasters to put the best wine we can into the bottle for you.
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